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Welcome to the Word of Life ministries here at Freedom Baptist Church!  This is where we learn to apply God’s word to Our lives.  We learn to do this by having a daily Quiet Time spent learning to understand what the Bible is actually saying and how we can apply these truths to our own lives.  Even though the Bible was written over 2,000 years ago, it still is applicable to modern day.  There is nothing that you or your children are going through that God doesn’t give some guidance on.  That’s the fabulous part about Word of Life, it isn’t just for children – it is designed for 3 years old to 100!  There is a Quiet Time designed just for each age group that helps explain what God meant when he had His words penned in the Bible.  Everyone in Word of Life is reading the exact same scripture every day.  How awesome is that?  We can all read God’s word together in our own Quiet Time!!!!  Now that’s just the backbone of Word of Life; so, how do we get kids to spend time in God’s word on a daily basis?  We make it FUN!!!!  We meet on Wednesday nights here at Freedom in WOL Club time.  During club we learn pledges, verses, and songs, we dance, play games, participate in Christian Service projects, earn Bible Bucks that we spend in our store, read books, have puppet shows, and have a great time! Some of our Christian Service projects have included making Valentines for Children’s Homes, visiting the local nursing home, collecting items to send to college student, cleaning our church, working with the younger children, giving a testimony, planting flowers at our church, and writing letters of encouragement to soldiers.  The best part of club is our QT groups where we break down into small groups led by souled out Christian leaders who spend time sharing what God has shown them through their Quiet Time, listening to prayer requests, helping kids learn verses, books of the Bible, and setting an example of a faithful Christian.  Our goal in WOL is to see others saved and to help them grow spiritually strong through learning God’s word. 

We do enjoy getting out sometimes too!  Some of our outings have included Saturday trips to a fall farm with corn maize, Super Skate event, movies, bowling and even camping.  We have home events as well such as FasCar Rally, Wii bowling tournament, and flashlight egg hunt.  Each summer we try to attend the WOL camp in Hudson, FL for an awesome weeklong camp where we are presented God’s word in creative and fun rallies, games, competitions, and commitments.  Camp is an awesome experience for kids and adults! God’s hand is upon these events as we have seen souls saved. 

It is exciting times for WOL – to see how God’s word will affect our lives.  Come out and visit us, see what we are teaching and learning, see what God’s word can do for you and your family, find a spot on our team, come be blessed!  Our WOL program runs September through May; club meets Wednesday nights 7:00 – 8:30pm.  We have something for everyone – Come see what God has in store for you! 

                                                             OLYMPIAN LEADERS AND WORKERS

             Front-Left to Right-(Leader) Lisa Kemmerlin, Dana Johnson, Debbie North, Lori Morrow
             Middle-Jennifer Turner, JeaniaAlewine, Melody Gibbs, Edna Thrower
             Back-Jesse Pollard, Deborah Daniel,  Spencer Kilgore, Tim North
             Not Pictured-Jonathan McComb, Natalie McComb, Robert Spear, Megan Robinson,
             Joe Johnson, Rodney Skinner, Jill Barr, Heather Daniel











                                               GOPHER BUDDY LEADERS & WORKERS

                           Left to Right- Connie Curvin, Patricia Williams, Brittany Skinner,
                           Elizabeth Holbrook, (Leader)-Michelle Ertzberger, Jane Chambers
                           Not Pictured-Aleah Norton, Sherri Pollard




                                                                   SPECIAL NEEDS

                                                                  Jennifer Turner

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